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Something New This Year


Charity Car & Truck Show

Why Car & Truck Show

With Sunshine State Superkids being FREE for the children, we still  have expenses. So a Car and Truck Show was a good fit.

This is giving us the opportunity to do more for the children of Central Florida.

Go to the Sunshine State Superkids website, link above, to see what we do.


Sponsor Needed

Special Thanks again the Joe Gibbs Racing for committing to have at least one of their Monster Energy Cup Cars at our show.

The  Second Annual Superkids Charity Car & Truck Show - November 4th 2018 will be the date for the 2nd Annual Superkids Charity Car and Truck Show.

The show will be at Lake Minneola High School, 101 N. Hancock Road, Minneola.

For more information about Sunshine State Superkids, go to our website:

The 2nd Annual Superkids Charity Car & Truck Show is now scheduled for November 4th, 2018. The show will be held at Lake Minneola High School in the back parking lot. The show is open to all cars and trucks. Sine we have more expenses sorry we are changing the registration fees $15 per vehicle entered into the show. The 2018 Show is all on asphalt for all the vehicles.

We already got confirmation that Joe Gibbs Racing will have at least 1 of the Monster Energy Toyota Camry's at the show, maybe more. We are going to work on other exhibits for the show.

Show is at Lake Minneola High School, 101 N. Hancock Road, Minneola Florida.

All participates will receive a goody bag and dash plate for coming out. There will be trophies awarded in several categories. So do not miss the show.

2nd Annual Superkids Charity

Car & Truck Show

The Second Annual Superkids Charity Car & Truck Show is looking for sponsors. We are one of the up and coming Car & Truck Shows in the area. We work on getting added attraction, not just the beautiful car and trucks. So we can keep the price for the registration for the participates we are looking for a little help.

Below is a sponsorship flyer for you to look at. Hopefully you can help us out.

This year we are going to have a valve cover race event going on during the show. There is another way to get involved with this show.

This year we are adding something fun for all to participate in. We are having a  valve cover race event with the show. This is like pinewood derby but the cars are built from a engine valve cover (rocker arm cover). Design rules are added below.

There will be 3 categories:

Children under 18 years old

Adults 18-55 years old

Seniors 55 and up

Built a car and come out and see what you can do with the competition.