Who We Are

Sunshine State Superkids is a non-profit organization that does soap box derby style racing with special needs children. We do a free program for the children of Central Florida.   Our program has also added inner city children and Foster Care children.

We have 2 seat cars where there is a child driver in the right side and the left side is a special needs child. We are at this time doing 7 events a year, from Melbourne to Tampa.

For more information about Sunshine State Superkids, go to our website:

November 4th 2018 will be the date for the 2nd annual Superkids Charity Car and Truck Show.

Why do Soap Box Derby Racing

Sunshine State Superkids looked at the everyday expenses parents have for just everyday living, plus their medical expenses. So the program was put together to parents a chance to do something with their children.

Today's world does not give these children the same as regular children get. Also the cost of regular soap box derby, a normal middle to low income would not be able to participate in it.

So we put together a program that all children and families can come and do with out any expense from them.


Charity Car & Truck Show

Why Car & Truck Show

With Sunshine State Superkids being FREE for the children, we still  have expenses. So a Car and Truck Show was a good fit.

This is giving us the opportunity to do more for the children of Central Florida.

Go to the Sunshine State Superkids website, link above, to see what we do.