Sunshine State Superkids

Who We Are:

Sunshine State Superkids is a non-profit organization that does soap box derby style racing with special needs children. We do a free program for the children of Central Florida.   Our program has also added inner city children and Foster Care children.

We have 2 seat cars where there is a child driver in the right side and the left side is a special needs child. We are at this time doing 7 events a year, from Melbourne to Tampa.

The program is open to all children and it is FREE


Charity Car & Truck Show

Why Do Soap Box Derby Racing:

Sunshine State Superkids looked at the everyday expenses parents have for just everyday living, plus their medical expenses. So, the program was put together to parents a chance to do something with their children.

Today's world does not give these children the same as regular children get. Also, the cost of regular soap box derby, a normal middle to low income would not be able to participate in it.

So, we put together a program that all children and families can come and do without any expense from them.